Friends of JOVO

Honor the bond with JOVO and also become a benefactor or “Friend of JOVO”. Quite a number of people have already signed up for the “Friends of JOVO” idea.
For a minimum of 25 euros per year you are already a friend of JOVO and you get:

  • The JOVO-Info club magazine containing the ins and outs of your old club
  • Proactive updates about fun events/outings that you can participate in (think of the World Cup in Rotterdam, puzzle tours or football tournaments such as the Tekkels against the Oldstars
  • The opportunity to participate in tournaments at JOVO, including the JOVO Open, the Christmas tournament or the New Year’s tournament.
  • Free cup of coffy or tea when you when you come by.
  • Your name on a digital board with “Friends of JOVO” on our website.
  • Eternal fame.

For more information, please contact our chairman Bob Lei via email


“Friends of JOVO”

– Léon Bakker

– Michel Bogaert

– Karel Mellenbergh

– Theo Mulder

– Alfons Waldram